Connecting makers through what we all love.


Good components are hard to find and are not cheap. By selling these parts or buying them through bulk purchases, we can bring better and more affordable parts to everyone


With a community of like-minded people, be it offering or receiving help, inspiring or being inspired, we can fall back to the platform for advice and discussions


Sometimes we find ourselves wanting to explore more. Be moved into creativity by seeing what others have done and build your own portfolio to show off past projects

Resources should be made readily accessible.

Time, money and information. As makers, we have been beset by these issues due to the lack of resources that have been presented to us.

We understand the difficulties that you face when you attempt your first project, or when you come up with yet another contraption for the thousandth time. That is why we built Pipsqueak.

Pipsqueak products

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Our Team:


Supreme Overlord

Chester Tan


Estelle Teo


Michael Sebastian


Ray Cheng